“I believe in the power of print.” Brain Swell Media founder featured speaker at Sept. 14 advertising conference


On Sept. 14, newspaper advertising professionals across Indiana will have the opportunity for hands-on training with Ryan Dohrn, founder of Brain Swell Media. Dohrn is the featured presenter at the HSPA Advertising Conference in Indianapolis.

Through his company, Dohrn has trained more than 5,000 sales professionals in seven countries. Dohrn said he has been a part of just over $500 million in total revenue this year.

“Everything I teach is tactical, practical advice that you can put into action right away,” Dohrn said.

“This is going to be very fun, very interactive. I’ll have lots of prizes and lots of fun stuff to give away.”

He does training and coaching with different industries including media and has a particular affinity for newspapers. 

This is his 28th year in the advertising business and he has worked through many changes in the industry. 

“The conversations we’re having today with advertisers are different today than they were yesterday,” he said.

In this shifting media landscape, Dohrn emphasizes the importance and potential of newspapers. 

“I’m coming to the conference to preach the power of print, the power of a multimedia buy using our newspapers’ digital and print efforts.”

A lot of time, people think training is boring, said Dohrn who is a part-time comedian and entertainer.

“This is going to be very fun, very interactive. I’ll have lots of prizes and lots of fun stuff to give away.”

Dohrn said it’s important for people to understand the investment and the opportunity the HSPA conference represents. It would cost thousands of dollars to bring him into an individual news organization. But the conference makes it affordable. “For them, pennies on the dollar,” he said

“I really hope that people will want to come to the conference and say, ‘Hey, this is a person that believes in print,’ ” Dohrn said. “I believe in the power of print. I believe in the power of local media to drive business for businesses.”

To read more about Dorhn, visit brainswellmedia.com.

Register for the conference here.