Journalists raise money for Joplin counterparts


CNHI-owned Indiana newspapers supported staff members of The Globe in Joplin, Mo., this month with direct donations and money earned from fundraisers.

Indiana staff members organized a raffle of Indianapolis Colts tickets and Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre passes and served ice cream at work for donations. In another effort, CNHI managers washed employees’ cars for contributions.

More than a dozen Globe employees lost their homes in the recent tornado that destroyed much of the city.

“When you consider the devastation we just couldn’t help but do something to offer our support,” said Henry Bird, CNHI senior vice president and division manager for Indiana and Massachusetts. “So many people just from the newspaper alone lost their homes.”

CHNI golfers at the annual HSPA Foundation outing contributed to the effort as well.

The newspaper group fielded two foursomes, a male team and a female team, in the June 9 tournament. The women had the low score and won a $10 men vs. women bet, but instead of just settling the modest wager, publishers on both teams made generous personal donations to the Community Newspapers Employee Relief Fund.

The 14 Indiana CNHI newspapers have contributed about $5,000 so far to their counterparts in Joplin, Bird said.

“The work in Joplin is going to be a prolonged process,” he said. “We will continue to support our colleagues as they rebuild.”